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Facebook has announced that it will expand penalties for profiles and groups that spread fake news. The platform will start taking measures to punish repeat offenders.

fake news

The Facebook team is very clear: they want to avoid disinformation and the spread of false information on their application. To do this, they are taking a series of measures that will affect users or pages that publish this type of content. But this is nothing new, as the social network installed a system of warnings to ensure the correct reading of posts just a couple of weeks ago. Now, the social network goes further by tightening its policies on sharing fake news.

From now on, when you like a page that has shared fake news, a pop-up window will appear to warn you about it. In addition, the application will send a notification to users who publish content that a fact-checker has qualified as fake. Thus, their content will have much less reach and the app will prompt them to share an updated article with the correct information.

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