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The handshake emoji will be available in different skin tones from 2022. It is an update that was planned for this year but due to the pandemic, it has been postponed.


Other emojis had already been updated and could be shared in more tones other than the classic yellow that characterized these icons. However, the one of the handshake gesture still had that pending change and finally, it will become a reality from next year. Its new version will include a total of 25 different combinations, taking into account the skin colors of the two hands involved in the act.

The development process of this emoticon has required more than two years to be completed and finally, to be launched. In fact, the Unicode Consortium has been working on it since the Emoji 12.0 version. But it has not been until the new update 14.0 that the handshake symbol has supported mixed skin tones in its icon. Moreover, Jennifer Daniel, who works as Google’s creative director for these issues, already proposed this change a few years ago. “When I was writing this proposal in 2019 imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only did some emoji fonts support handshake skin tones, but Noto Emoji did too. lol Whaaaaat? What’s going on here?” she tweeted. However and due to the pandemic, the modification could not be implemented as quickly as wanted and the launch has had to be delayed until 2022.

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