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The annual fashion show of London’s prestigious fashion school, Central Saint Martins (CSM), is finally back and could be held for the first time after the pandemic.

Renamed the Light show, with a 25 year legacy, based on the theme of perception and once again bringing together all the first year design students (140 in total), they have once again deployed all their talents to successfully develop what is already regarded as the University’s most important event of the year and not only that, but one of the most important events for many of the industry’s professionals and fashion critics, as Robin Derrick recently commented. But, in case you still don’t know what this show is all about, let us explain it to you.

This show consists of designing a garment using only white fabric and no prints. This type of action is part of a rite of passage for all participants (known colloquially as the baptism of fire), which requires the effort of all first year students who have obtained a place at the prestigious university.

What do you think of the creations of the Central Saint Martins students? We think they are very interesting and we are sure they will go far. Just make a note of these names and keep them safe, because in a few years they’re going to be a big hit: Electra Bruce Smith, Emanuele Morcinelli, Hannah Dixey, Hennessy Flohd, Jayden Tudor, Joe Fearron, Marshall McGlone, Roy Carmona, Sara Mickoriy, Xinyi Tao and Yuura Asano.