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At HIGHXTAR. we didn’t want to miss the most awaited fashion show of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, so we decided to sneak into the backstage of Dominnico by the hand of the photographer Rocío Aguirre to capture the behind scenes. We also got to talk to the designer about Nenne Spring 2023. 

Behind the scenes, when the spotlights are not yet shining on the catwalk, 080 Barcelona Fashion is experienced in a very different way. Backstage is the “B” side, the one you don’t see, the one that hides the ins and outs of the fashion shows of the most desirable fashion brands and the ones whose latest collections we are all eager to see. That’s why, thanks to Rocío Aguirre, we captured exclusively how the latest issue of Dominnico ‘Nenne Spring 2023’ was experienced from the inside.

Nenne Spring 2023

Highxtar (H) – A few weeks ago you presented your latest collection Nenne Spring 2023 at 080 Barcelona. Why this name?

Dominnico (D) – Nene is the affectionate nickname Juana, my mother, used to call Domingo, my father, and the starting point of this collection is a tribute to him. Work overalls, the world of the motor, the lorry and its bodywork and nature are the two inspirations for this proposal made under the premises of upcycling and handmade tailoring.

(H) – After several shows at MBFW Madrid, you finally made your debut at 080 in Barcelona, the city where you live. How did you feel?

(D) – The experience in Barcelona has been incredible and the welcome has been great and, moreover, it is the city where I live and where I have my team, so it has been very easy, without forgetting that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid is also our home. We needed a change and 080 offers a type of catwalk, movement and freshness that we wanted to experience at this moment of the brand.

(H) – Overalls, leather and a biker look… What inspired you to create this collection?

(D) – As I was saying, this collection is a tribute to my father and a journey through his life, his workshop work, mechanics, the world of motor racing, Formula 1, motorcycling… all of this is encapsulated in this collection in which elements that reflect the aesthetics of weddings, Christmas parties celebrated with the family coexist.

(H) – Upcycling and handmade garments are also present in this latest presentation. Do you think fashion is moving in this direction?

(D) – Since the beginning of the brand, we have worked on upcycling and handmade clothes, using leftover stocks and recycling fabrics and materials from previous collections.

(H) – How do you think you are contributing to sustainability with your designs?

(D) – With this collection we have tried to reinforce our brand identity precisely by focusing on this fundamental value, which is one of our strong points. We are sustainable because everything is made by hand, with pre-order and, as I was saying, we use leftover stock and recycled leather.

(H) – Nenne Spring 2023 has been very well received… What were your feelings before and after the fashion show?

(D) – Before the fashion show there is nothing but nerves and a lot of desire for everything to go well and after the show, it’s great to see that our message has reached the public.

(H) – The music, the make-up, the casting… the coherence of your presentations is impeccable. What was the imaginary you decided to create for the occasion?

(D) – I try to be very involved in everything we project as a brand image and in this sense I am very grateful to all my team. Working with Adri Engalanan has been a dream because he understands the aesthetic codes of the brand and reinforces them with the music; the typography, the logos with Aleix Moyano, Ccelestica that we have developed in the workshop to create a new isologotype; make up and casting created by Christian Galán… I am very happy for the whole organisation to have been able to work with so much freedom. It’s important that everything is connected so that the message is stronger.

(H) – Who would you like to see wearing one of your Nenne Spring 2023 garments?

(D) – Anyone who identifies with the brand.

080 Barcelona Fashion puts the finishing touch to its 30th edition.