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About five years ago, the creative pattern that fashion followed from the catwalk to the street was reversed. The street then became the nucleus of inspiration, a space in which to zoom in to understand the present and/or reality. This latent creative and aesthetic expression, which in turn is a sign of the new era, is what Zalando wanted to materialize in its new campaign. Through a collaboration with Google Maps and its Street View tool, the platform presents its latest streetwear collection, seen from the first 360º lookbook and a new disruptive visual language.

The e-commerce portal —a leader in the European context— exhibits its new collection precisely in the scenario in which streetwear was born, and the uniform of the subculture. Through a virtual tour through the streets of four cities, and an innovative vision, you can discover the latest urban trends in which coexists —among other things— the polarity of tailor – street aesthetics.

With this episode, Zalando wanted to pay tribute to streetwear and national urban culture in reference spaces of the neo-cultural movement, with the help of the creators / insiders who are shaking up the movement in our country. The slogan “Street It All” constructs the narrative of this urban love story starring – for the most part – the generation that was born between the analogue and digital era.

“With Street It All we wanted to vindicate the importance of streetwear today, which has become one of the most important movements in fashion today […] Taking into account the current pandemic, we wanted to make use of technology by transferring the campaign to a virtual environment, using Google Street View and Google Maps, reaching our consumers in a totally innovative and creative way”, says Riccardo Vola, General Manager Southern Europe, and Gift Cards at Zalando.


Despite the paradigm shift in fashion, streetwear remains more alive and digital than ever. No longer just as something material and superfluous, but as an attitude, a way of playing in contemporary life.

The platform thus achieves creative ecstasy through an eternal connection between fashion, creativity, and technology: the heartbeat of post-pandemic fashion. The engine of change and the transition to a digitalized future are at the basis of this campaign presented in a geolocated 360º virtual lookbook. Users will be able to discover it in the same way as they search for their favorite and/or featured addresses on the access device via a QR code.

The looks in the collection that shape – and update – streetwear are now located in the key points of four of the Spanish cities where urban culture really vibrates and develops: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Málaga. Whether in Malasaña, Matadero, the MACBA, the MUVIM in Valencia, or the SoHo area in Malaga.


Ogilvy signs this campaign that pays homage to everything from trap to skateboarding and graffiti. In it, the creatives of the urban tribe connect all the cities to develop that street culture that must not be lost, that energy that must be protected. Whatever the discipline, whatever space.

The cast of models includes the YouTuber responsible for the national streetwear phenomenon ByCalitos, fashion photographers such as Rocío Aguirre and Juanma Jmse, skaters such as Andrea Benítez, artists such as Alba Reche, Paula Cendejas, Dj Alvva and Edgar Kerri, and fashion influencers such as Marc Forné. Also César Castro, CEO of HIGHXTAR, and the stylist Helena Contreras, who has also dressed the cast of twenty-eight avatars in an urban style.

To complete the dream team, the photography is done by the duo of photographers specializing in urban images, Qandcumber.

Of course, Zalando x Google Street View is a tribute to those who see the future of fashion and make it happen today. It is also a new alternative for diversifying the online shopping experience that will revolutionize the sector.

To browse the looks and learn more about this immersive universe and the talents that inhabit it, visit the STREET IT ALL website.



Marketing Lead Spain: Carla Miró

Marketing Manager: Claudia Cardona

Social Media Manager: Nadia Tunez

Copywriter: Tania García

Artistic Director: Glazione Neri Rocha

Campaing Management: Marcus Riggs


Creative agency and production: Ogilvy

Stylist: Helena Contreras

Lookbook Photographers: QandCumber

Photography & video Making Off: CAP

Makeup & Hair: Aida Rojas, Lulu Pérez y Kristiana Zaula

Music: Edgar Kerri