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A year ago we learned that the French brand Andrea Crews was going to collaborate with the Italian brand Sergio Tacchini. Now it is a reality, the collaboration is tangible and is available through its website.

Andrea Crews x Sergio Tacchini

Andrea Crews x Sergio Tacchini

Many seasons ago sportswear began to occupy the catwalks. Brands such as CottweilerAstrid Andersen or Andrea Crews have it in their DNA, but others are looking to ally themselves with established firms to make their approach to the movement and public demand.

This boom of the 90s is what led Andrea Crews to collaborate with one of the pillars of the scene, Sergio Tacchini. Elaborating a proposal that makes no difference in genres and that does not surprise us in originality but yes in look.

The rave aesthetics of Crews mixed with the gabber aesthetics inherent in Tacchini tracksuits make the capsule very attractive. It consists of two outfits: one white with the name Andrea Crews on the sleeves and leg and one more sober in navy blue with stripes typical of the jacket suit.

A collaboration that adds to this 90s loop that we believe still has a long way to go. The collection is now available in the Andrea Crews online store.