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Seven years after the launch of its women’s clothing collection “White”, ASOS has launched its counterpart in men’s clothing. The head of men’s fashion design of the British website, James Lawrence, has raised the aesthetics and vision of design with the aim of expanding its target by approaching hitherto unpredictable niches.

ASOS White Men

This first collection is presented in a palette of neutral colours and shades ranging from navy blue and black to stone grey, lilac and heather, all without risking or complicating themselves with animal prints, brilliants or artistic motifs.

A collection of 90 pieces with sizes for ALL and prices ranging from 20 to 200 euros. A new and interesting proposal that could make a big impact on the sales of men’s clothing Zara and H&M this year.


A new advance in the democratization of fashion that brings a well finished pattern and taste to the general public.