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We’ve been hearing about a collaborative album by Banana Bahía Music for some time now, and finally we can say that it’s here, “La Bahía” is now available on all digital platforms for everyone to enjoy.

La Bahía” is discovered as an ambitious musical project of fusion and teamwork. Its launch coincides with the tenth anniversary of Banana Bahía Music. An album composed of alternative sounds that come from the hand of eleven young artists from our country that are presented as the future of the national music scene.

Royce Rolo, Elecesqe, Movinfast, Danni Ble, Kaixo, Beauty Pikete, Disrty Suc, Young Noguera, Tekilas, Abelo Valis and Uxio, have joined their rhythms and styles to give life to an album that is composed of eleven tracks and a unique and special collaboration of Mwëslee in the cut “Ya lo vi”.

As a final touch, the artwork shows the iconic Puente de Rande that joins the municipalities of Redondela and Moaña in Vigo. The artistic work comes from Air Piramid and Elecesar.

Next, we leave you the complete tracklist.

  1. ESTILOft. Yung Noguera, Beauty Pikete, Royce Rolo & Danni Ble
  2. MAGICft. Danni BleTekilasBeautyPikete & Royce Rolo
  3. NO VOY A ESPERARft. Yung Noguera, Beauty Pikete, Dirty Suc & Royce Rolo
  4. ELLA JUEGAft. Beauty PiketeYung NogueraDanni BleRoyce Rolo
  5. YA LO VIft. Kaixo, Elecesar, Royce Rolo, Mwëslee & Yung Noguera
  6. VAMOS A VERft. Movinfast, Yung Noguera & Royce Rolo
  7. CONTEOft. Yung Noguera, Tekilas, Dirty Suc, Royce Rolo & Danni Ble
  8. LA PACAft. Tekilas, Yung Noguera, Beauty Pikete, Royce Rolo & Danni Ble
  9. REMEMBER DANCEft. Lacosta, Movinfast & Danni Ble
  10. OOMMft. KaixoElecesarDanni BleRoyce Rolo
  11. LA BANANA ft. Beauty Pikete, Danni Ble, Elecesar, Movinfast, Tekilas, Young Noguera, Kaixo, Abelo Valis, Uxio, Dirty Suc & Royce Rolo.