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C2H4, the L.A.-based brand of Yixi Chen, has just unveiled its new feminine offering. “Caso #R003 My Own Private Planet” is a futuristic-tinged collection that draws inspiration from romantic music.

This new release is a continuation of the men’s collection that the brand unveiled a couple of weeks ago. “Case #R003 My Own Private Planet” is now back in a feminine key accompanied by two accessories that elevate the looks of the proposal.

A two-piece suit with a relaxed silhouette combined with a tie or a knitted top with the brand’s new monogram print are some of the key pieces presented by C2H4. Details also take center stage on this occasion. The brooch on the jacket, the guitar-shaped insignia adorning a beret or the studs on the tie are some of them. On the other hand, the Los Angeles firm has created a small backpack in the shape of a guitar, since music is one of its main sources of inspiration. And also a white gold-plated brooch that imitates a rose.

The collection will be available from March 5 on the C2H4 website.