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Lately we live in a never-ending Black Mirror episode, in which hours are spent full of screens and monitoring. Like an alienated person.

With the arrival of the virus, we are asked to stay at home, not to do it even more worldwide. All hyperconnected with what’s out there thanks to our devices. But really, what is out there if we are all inside? Why do we want to connect to something that doesn’t really exist?

We have been generating this need for technological connection, which now seems to be our only hope and solution. Face-to-face work has become teleworking, and meetings on terraces are now done by applications such as “Houseparty” “Skype” or “Whatsapp“.

This is where we should stop and think, if we really need all this.

If you think about it, you will discover that it is nothing more than the constant fear of being completely alone with yourself, because you know very well that introspection sometimes causes a little anxiety. It’s not so cool to find out what you look like. But once you do, you don’t know what a comfort it is.

Charlie Brooker, director of Black Mirror, must be at home (if not badly) looking at this pandemic scenario, and thinking that maybe this time, reality has surpassed fiction. And that all those episodes generated long ago in his mind are now becoming endless. Like Groundhog Day.

The title of this episode could be “Quarentine” and it would be about how not to go crazy inside the four walls of a house, adding that a police drone can chase you if you leave the house, and act like in the movie of the purge. Probably a best-seller!

But hopefully this Black Mirror thing will be over in a few weeks. And let’s move on to living better in a Heidy episode, but without sad endings. In the open air, and enjoying our city.

Get the bar ready!