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Babylon LA returns once again with a new collection for the 2019 Winter season. The young brand wants to make a niche for itself in the wardrobe of essentials. In spite of having been in the market for a short time, it has already launched three collaborations that have boosted the brand’s name. His efforts have been rewarded with an audience of 80,000 fans in Instagram and the acceptance of a multitude of skaters who wear their clothes.

Supreme‘s influence is notorious. For many perhaps Babylon LA ( is the most elementary option than New York, for those not so risky when it comes to dressing, this is their brand. Far from the famous beaches of the west coast of the United States there are neighborhoods of individual houses and boulevards with palm trees where they have preferred to present their collection. That’s where the authenticity and origin of the essence of Babylon LA resides.

The “First Drop of Winter” collection consists of plain shirts in salmon, yellow, white and black. Cotton sweatshirts and knit sweaters with dyed thread. Two classic bombers with satin nylon padded lining with embroidered detail on the right chest. For this first contact with low temperatures, the brand proposes two parkas in dark tones of cotton duck canvas. They also include riskier garments with aquatic calligraphy on a black and white checkered print such as the chessboard.

His efforts have been rewarded with an audience of 80,000 fans

As if that weren’t enough, they also offer their public a skateboard with a graphic design in black and red on a grey base. And some pants and a jeans jacket to match black selvage. Babylon LA also pays attention to all those who want to accompany their look with two duck canvas bags and two hats, one in cotton and the other in satin black nylon. The collection is available in their online shop from 36 to 270 euros.