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HUF dedicates its SS21 collection to those skateboarders who spent the 2000s surfing the web and listening to lo-fi music. The collection is a trip back in time and celebrates Y2K fashion and skate culture. Stick to nostalgic. 


Inspired by the internet and the graphics of old computers that have become obsolete, the collection features a wide range of garments in line with HUF’s aesthetic. The new proposal for SS21 comes loaded with loose shapes and graphic patterns reminiscent of another era: the 2000s. Apart from these technological glitches, a floral motif that appears immersed in various pieces of the collection stands out.

For its part, the HUF logo appears throughout the garments, blending in with the rest of the elements. In addition, for SS21 they have launched a “F * ck It” message, translated into several languages and placed on different HUF hats and shorts, only visible once water activated. Similarly, the graphics change color when you point a UV light at them, just like the pages of our teenage diaries did.

As you can see, HUF SS21 is synonymous with nostalgia. Find your old Windows XP, open Paint and start drawing while listening to music on your discman.

The first part of HUF SS21 is already available on the web. A second release is expected on March 11. Stay tuned. More about SS21 here.