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Since the last few years Liam Hodges (@liam__hodges) has been positioned at the top of streetwear. Maintaining a strong heritage of British street fashion, the designer behind the creation of the brand has taken this tradition to other extremes such as the urban culture of Las Vegas or to the fusion with the most desired sporty brands of the moment.

Liam Hodges

Liam Hodges

Liam Hodges defines itself – in terms of brand – as inclined towards “an expressive, polysyllabic masculinity“. And he manages to transmit it through his designs that mix the British underground style where the squares prevail with a grunge that reveals the urban tendencies of the English capital and the current fashion in general.

Liam Hodges SS18

Liam Hodges SS18

Specifically, Liam is positioned as a brand that moves between “male subcultures, English paganism, Hip-Hop skatewear, British streetwear and post-punk“, as they describe themselves. A brand located at the top that deviates slightly from mainstream fashion trends, becoming one of the leading companies in the most exclusive street style.

The designer behind the house with his own name, Liam Hodges – easily recognisable by his smile – is of British origin and lives in London. Since his debut in 2014 at Fashion East, he has continued to grow and evolve to become one of the designers with the most potential in the new high-street movement.

Drake x Oversize Gorilla Tape Bomber - Liam Hodges

Drake x Oversize Gorilla Tape Bomber – Liam Hodges

Drake, Big Sean and A$AP Rocky, among others, have become unconditional fans of Hodges’ creations who have consolidated a unique style and concept strong enough to occupy a space in the world’s best retailers. A growth that, in the designer’s own words, “has been […] developed over the last three years, slowly but surely.

This remarkable adaptation of the language of today’s urban environment has led him to create collaborations with Fila (in 2018 and 2019) and Levi’s (in 2017), among other brands, which have resulted in irreplaceable sports-style garments.

Liam Hodges | SS19

In his latest SS19 proposal, Hodges, does not disappoint and gives us a new dose of pure street that – we are completely sure – will give another solid new boost to the meteoric rise of the British designer. #mustfollow