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Havana Club and the brand Latigo join forces in an exclusive collaboration to create “La Isla”, a capsule collection made up of seven garments and a limited edition bottle of Havana 7 rum.

La Isla >>> Havana Club x LA TI GO

“La Isla” inevitably takes us to Cuba, the Caribbean island par excellence and the place where rum was born. Havana Club evokes that Latin idyll of celebration, joy and enjoyment that characterizes a unique and special country. The collection shares its name with one of the first public swimming pools that emerged in Madrid in the 1930s, at a time when workers had very little free time and enjoying the summer in the swimming pool La Isla became an oasis. Built on a natural islet of the Manzanares River, it became a meeting place where you could refresh yourself and spend your free time. Today, that iconic sensation is brought to life again in the form of an exclusive collection that includes clothes and a bottle of rum.

Water, mosaics, number 7, buildings and the sky of Madrid are some of the key elements in the design of the collection. The capsule is inspired by the parallelism between the Cuban island and Madrid’s “La Isla” and its pieces reconstruct those garments that we could acquire today if the swimming pool remained open. A tribute to free time, summer, fresh air and baths on hot days in the company of friends. A magnificent imaginary that combines with the Cuban spirit to give rise to an exciting concept in the purest Havana and Latigo style.

“La Isla” collection is now available on Latigo official website and at La Tienda de las Gorras. The bottle can be purchased at the Uvinum website and at other authorized points.