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Mary Young has created a capsule made up of three pieces —bra, thong and pants— that form a set between the sexy and the comfortable. This new collection is characterized by its total black look, the transparencies that reveal the shapes of the body and the frills that adorn every detail.

mary young

In order to make all bodies visible and in response to the void in the lingerie market, Mary Young decided to create her own lingerie brand. Since 2014, ethical production using materials such as organic bamboo, comfort and the celebration of self-esteem, have been constant in her DNA.  That’s why all her garments renounce any kind of hoop or padding to highlight the body’s beauty through soft fabrics and functional shapes.

The collection that the Canadian firm has launched for Valentine’s Day is no exception. It is a three-piece capsule that forms a set that gives off comfort and sensuality in equal parts. For this special date, Mary Young has devised the Remi bra, with adjustable straps, a flounce at the bottom and made of transparent mesh. This same aesthetic is transferred to the Remi thong model, which is also elastic and inspired by the 2000’s. And to elevate the look, the brand has conceived the Toni shorts: elastic, transparent and with a subtle ruffle at waist level.

Just like Skims or Savage x Fenty, Mary Young designs her underwear pieces with the comfort and body diversity of the women she’s targeting in mind. Each of her items naturally enhances the female silhouette through simple designs.

Mary Young’s Valentine’s Day collection is now available in her online store.