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Oreo has built a bunker to protect its famous recipe from the possible impact of asteroid 2018 VP1. 

As if 2020 were not apocalyptic enough, the coronavirus must be added to the alert for the possible impact of asteroid 2018 VP1 on November 2. The possibility of this asteroid with only 2 meters in diameter impacting the earth is only 0.41%, so la NASA has not qualified it as a potentially dangerous object.

Still, the Oreo Cookie Company has decided to build a bunker to safeguard its famous recipe. All packages inside are wrapped in BoPET, a polyester film with great strength and stability. This material acts as a protective shield against chemical reactions and gases.

The redoubt is inspired by The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, the seed vault located in the Arctic, more specifically on the Norwegian islands of Svalbard. Exact location of the Oreo reserve corresponds to the coordinates 78° 08′ 58.1″ N, 16° 01′ 59.7″ E.

The company has opted for a marketing campaign that consists of eight videos from YouTube in which they narrate the creation of this “Global Seed Vault”. Once again, the famous cookies demonstrate their desire for originality in their branding strategies. All of this started with a tweet that asked: I wonder who will save the oreos? They created from this simple question an advertising campaign with a great impact on social networks.