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Highxtar opens the doors to the future of fashion. We spoke with Roberto Rodríguez, the designer from Madrid who fought for his dreams and who is already touching with his fingers. His first collection “Elephants” which he himself describes as “real purity” is just a small show of a talent that is about to explode.

The designer reveals himself to the skeptics who exclude the quality of Spanish fashion by always looking beyond our borders. An eclectic collection that conveys a strong and direct message that must be heard. “Elephants” details the silenced history of the Madrid of the 50s and 60s, far removed from the illustrious buildings of the capital, Cañada Real.

Madrid melts 15 kilometres away. Children are born among 500 bills, Mercedes stained with mud and a lot of cocaine. A meeting place for worlds that repel each other, but with the same magnet. Where money is wasted, the Cañada drug is also sniffed. Hypocrisy denies the existence of one without the other, but the golden age of Madrid and its crude white powder are two sides of the same coin. Roberto Rodríguez prints this reality in his designs from a modern and contemporary 2019 prism.

<<The time has come!>>

Graduated in economics from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, he decided to pack his bags and give free rein to his fascination for fashion. The IED of Barcelona provided him with the necessary knowledge to present himself to the industry as an emerging talent by winning a 30,000 euro scholarship that the school put out to competition. Its real, beautiful and artistic concept empowers the new generation of the sector.

His brand Robber Rodríguez (@therobberrodriguez) begins its journey with the collection “Elefantes” which first stage on the platform Vic Moda Independent. A sample of handmade pieces. El Madrileño has taken care of the craftsmanship and the visual finish of the materials.

The gabardine type outer garment is a manipulation of cotton poplins in colors fused with PVC by means of a thermosealing process. Once printed, the PVC is removed and the finish has a plastic appearance, but it is cotton. The silhouette of the designs are an artifice of double appearance, as it happens with the materials.

The organza, poplin and neon tulle coat is the most laborious and spectacular of the entire collection“, explains Roberto. It is made from sustainable wool provided by “Made in Slow“. A collection of innovative character, manipulation processes like the mat dress is an Upcycling of a quilt made of crochet and blue neoprene.

The designer defines his style as “raw”, not from a cold and distant perspective, but rather, shedding light on the hidden beauty of the shadowy and confused that surrounds us. His careful work and strong concept has an objective focused on inviting reflection to contextualization of the why of each design, line or print.

Since I started this project in January, I’ve wanted my first collection to talk about me, who I am, where I come from and what I’ve achieved thanks to fashion”. “Elephants” has a humble slang, but with a more spectacular and brilliant ending.

The promotional video is a digital leap from the sensation of euphoria transmitted by designs and textures to the reality of touch. With a special collaboration of “El coleta” (@elcoletamo) a neokinki connected to the essence of the collection.

For the moment, the future of the Madrid designer is in Paris with a plan that will give you something to talk about. The time has come!