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The Chinese brand SANKUANZ (@sankuanz_official) has just presented “Drown 52” -its retro-futuristic FW19 collection- in a lookbook shot by French photographer Hugo Comte who previously worked with 032c, Prada and Vogue. SANKUANZ creative director Shangguan Zhe presents pieces that explore the future of the Internet and its impact on today’s society.


As a result, the garments are elegant and contemporary maintaining a retro style through details such as zippers. For women “Drown 52” presents a new form of tailoring, while men’s clothing is a more androgynous style.


The FW19 collection features a shiny black leather jacket and another black one, two-piece crocodile jacket with matching trousers. It also includes more informal pieces such as the Herschel collaboration backpack, made of water-resistant canvas. On the other hand, the blue elastane long-sleeved t-shirt, which we already saw on the FW19 Paris Fashion Week, will also be available.

SANKUANZ‘s FW19 collection will be on sale in the upcoming weeks.