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On many occasions we talk about fashion as an art form, but sometimes it is art in its most conventional sense that approaches the world of fashion, and then the result can be even more surprising and evocative. The artist Sarah Sitkin (@sarahsitkin) has taken the step of creating a hybrid between sculpture and clothing -which you might never hang in your closet, but certainly have to try once in a lifetime-.

Sarah Sitkin

Sarah Sitkin

The American sculptress uses her experience with special effects materials -such as silicone clay, wax, latex or hair- to create hyperrealistic human trunk figures that act as a vest for an immersive and revealing experience.

Bodysuits” is the name of the exhibition at the Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles -which previously hosted two of her exhibitions, “Triflin Matter” and “Untendencies”- and with which she intends to share her vision of the human entity.

Our universal detachment with our bodies leads us through a lifetime of serious divides, between fantasy and reality for what our bodies should and could be,” Sitkin says. “I do not believe the body defines who we are. It’s not really the essence of ‘us,’ but functions more like a garment than a person.

Through this collection -which accurately reproduces histories of anonymous lives, with their scars and the passage of time- the Los Angeles-based sculptress seeks to create the opportunity to inhabit other bodies to reflect on their real importance. A way of understanding the material that makes us an “habit” – the clothes that you can never take off, but you can learn to see beyond-.

BODYSUITS by Sarah Sitkin

With her interactive art, Sarah Sitkin makes sure that after trying on several different bodies and being surprised by the visual impact first, you realize that you -the person who wears it- are still the same. And that’s the perfect metaphor for what Sitkin wants to remind us, but society is determined to forget. The fashion industry can sometimes be seen as superficial, but on many occasions, like this one, it is the ideal breeding ground for a new vision in greater depth.