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Pepa Salazar AW22 and the exploration of gender roles

Fashion designer Pepa Salazar explores the role of gender within the fashion system in her new AW2 collection: Hotter Than Naked. 

Pepa Salazar, the designer who created the looks for Motomami’s tik tok

Three days after the premiere of Motomami, we’re still looping absolutely every song. But it’s not the only thing we’re obsessed with…

‘It Hurts’ is Pepa Salazar’s new romantic (or not) campaign

Pepa Salazar presents, through a campaign full of sentimentality and (dis)love, her new SS22 collection.

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Pepa Salazar looks to the future in her FW21

Pepa Salazar has just unveiled her proposal for next fall/winter, which explores the link between the human and the technological.

Pepa Salazar

We talk w/ Pepa Salazar

Today we spoke with designer Pepa Salazar about her concerns, her new collection and how she sees the future of the fashion industry.

Pepa Salazar and her new collection inspired by the everyday

Pepa Salazar presents her new collection inspired by the everyday that emerged during the quarantine. The proposal has been launched prior to the European Fashion Week calendar with…

When fashion and web design connect | #mustvisit

These websites have a design that turns the experience into something more than just a transaction and makes every cent invested in the shopping cart worthwhile.