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Africa: Where inspiration is born

But, besides inspiring others, whats going on in Africa in terms of fashion? Why not talking about the source of everything?

Egosex presents its first EP: the perfect fusion between the past and the future of African music

The trio from Barcelona have just released their first album called “Spirit Disco”. However, Egosex had already managed to make a niche for itself in the music scene of Barcelona with just four tracks.

WEKAFORE: Spirit 002 Collection > Redefining the fashion concept

With Spirit 002 Collection, WEKAFORE consolidates its position as one of the most interesting projects in Spain.

We talk W/ Wekaforé Maniu Jibril

We interviewed Wekaforé Maniu Jibril, creative director of Wekafore; elegant African tailoring with street sensibility of the 70s.