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The last supermoon of this year will take place on the morning of May 7th and 8th, called the “Full Moon of Flowers”.


The “Full Moon of Flowers” is a show that takes place at the point where the satellite is closest to the Earth. This year it will take place in the early morning of May 7-8, and will be the last one we will be able to see in 2020.

At that time, the Moon will reach the fifth phase, the full moon. NASA has confirmed that we will be able to observe its impressive size simply by looking out of the window. It will be 10% larger and 30% brighter. In addition, during the morning twilight of Thursday May 7th, we will also be able to see the alignment of three planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

The name “supermoon” was coined by NASA in 1979. The term “Full Moon of Flowers” is due to the fact that it coincides with spring in the Earth’s northern hemisphere.

The quarantine will force many to see it from home, but its high visibility pays off. In addition, the reduction in air pollution levels, especially noticeable in cities like Madrid, will make it even easier to see these types of astronomical phenomena.