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Vistaprint launches its second Artist Series collection in which it has worked with designers and artists to create masks that are unique pieces.

Vistaprint’s latest collection is called the Artist Series. And it includes Awake NY among its designs. The brand has added a quote from Malcolm X “if you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall in love with anything”. The inscription appears on the black, green and orange masks.

Artist Series also has the participation of Just Don who has designed three masks with lightning patterns and drawings with colored pencils. There is also another variety with works by Keith Haring, Face Oka, Sophia Chang and Lisa Perry, who have also participated in the project asking for people’s votes for the next elections.

All models incorporate a filter and adjustable straps. It also has a wire bridge at nose level to reduce the possibility of fogging of the glasses. The entire Artist Series collection is available on Vistaprint’s official website.