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With the continued spread of hoaxes primarily related to coronavirus, WhatsApp has decided to make a change to its “highly forwarded” message forwarding system. The new measure will mean that only one group or conversation can be resent at a time.


From now on, anyone who wants to forward messages to several groups will have to do so manually and will only be able to choose one at a time. However, this will happen with messages forwarded more than five times, not with all messages.

“We know that many users forward useful information, as well as funny videos, memes and thoughts that they consider meaningful,” the company explains in a statement. However, they have seen “a significant increase in the amount of forwarding that users feel can be overwhelming and can contribute to spreading misinformation.


Some users have been disappointed with the initiative because it promotes censorship, others are happy that the WhatsApp group in our family is less saturated.

In any case, we will always have Telegram or copy-paste, it’s not that dramatic either.