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Zalando’s latest goal is very clear. They want to launch a message of positivity throughout Europe through real people who infect others with their optimism. To do this, their team has carried out a campaign consisting of 22 short videos that come together to create a TV commercial.


Europe’s leading platform has just launched “Creators of Optimism”, a new campaign that pays tribute to people who share their positivity. This initiative aims to celebrate and spread joy after a turbulent year marked by uncertainty. It is also supported by “The Festival of Optimism” action, which consists of a series of ephemeral events and exhibitions across Europe. These experiences aim to encourage people to laugh, dance and sing, and will end on June 21: the longest day of the year.


To embody that message of optimism in the new campaign, Zalando held a casting through social networks in search of creators who conveyed that philosophy. Some of the profiles selected were dancer Salif Gueye, known for his upbeat dance style through the streets of Paris; Dutch influencer and model, Rianne Meijer, for her authentic and empowering images; and model and author, Naomi Shimanda, who embraces positivity through fashion.

“We define optimism activists through people who bring joy to others and themselves. Whether it’s with a song, a dance or a makeup tutorial on Tik Tok,” says Ralph Rijks, the company‘s vice president of global marketing.

The result is this ad that takes shape from 22 short videos intertwined and starring the ambassadors of positivity that transmit that good vibe wherever they go.

And you, are you joining the #ActivistsofOptimism movement?