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Apophis —that’s the name of the asteroid that will approach our planet— will pass at a distance of 0.11 astronomical units, or 16 million kilometers. So don’t worry, you can go out and have that beer.


The asteroid Apophis will come close to us today, but don’t panic, according to Earthsky there is no chance of a collision with Earth. Although astronomically the distance it will approach is considered close, it is actually 44 times longer than the space between our planet and the Moon.

And today will not be the first time that Apophis, whose name refers to the Egyptian god of evil and chaos, visits us. In fact, NASA predicts that in April 2029 the asteroid will pass even closer to Earth. However, its chances of impact are very low: less than 1 in 100,000. So, there is nothing to worry about.

But even if the Earth is not at risk, will the guests of the space hotel opening in 2027 be in danger?