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Condé Nast‘s iconic photographer, Annie Leibovitz, has just created an account at Instagram.

Annie Leibovitz

In the curriculum of Annie Leibovitz (@annieleibovitz) we find several historical milestones. She was the first woman whose work was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., the author of the last portrait of John Lennon before his assassination, and one with the longest background in her career. She has worked in Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Vogue. Her identity behind the camera stands out for her famous austere portraits of all kinds of celebrities.

Now, the living legend has joined Instagram. Among her early followers are Spencer Pratt, Gigi Hadid, Radhika Jones of Vanity Fair and Courtney Love, who have already praised her first four posted photographs.

At the moment, she has 67K followers, and the number is rising steadily. It’s no mean feat. In Annie Leibovitz’s account we don’t find cheap selfies, photos of kittens or random stuffs taken with an iPhone. Malala Yousafzai, Nancy Pelosi and Iddris Sandu were the first to appear in her profile. But the number one is her mother: a portrait of Marilyn Leibovitz from 1997 has been the photograph in charge of welcoming us to her new journey in the social network.