Author: Antonio Alfaro

We talk w/ Pepo Moreno: Desigual, Madrid and much more

Let’s put it in context: Madrid, Preciados 25, Desigual’s new shop window, now decorated and set in the work and artistic imaginary of Pepo Moreno. Their relationship? “Spontaneity,…

FKA Twigs announces the arrival of her new mixtape, Caprisongs

Broken on the cover and shedding a few tears at the disco with her latest single, Tears In The Club with The Weeknd, FKA Twigs returns to the…

We talk w/ Daniela Blume: AI, Daniela en la nube and the Metarverse

We talk about Daniela en la nube with her materialization in the real world: Daniela Blume. Sex, love, technology…all that and more here.

Top 10 alternative artists to hit the scene in 2022

Looking for new music? Don’t worry, getting bored even with our own playlists happens to all of us. That’s why from Highxtar we wanted to be that friend who…

Cardi B is the first female rapper in history to score three diamond hits

Cardi B has achieved three diamond hits and has become the first female rapper to do so. Check it out all the information here!