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BODE is back to present its latest proposal. But, unlike other occasions, this time it breaks with the calendar and presents a single project that unites all the seasons in one. It returns with its latest collection called “A year Off”, inspired by the family history of its founder Emily Adams Bode and more specifically by her uncle, Bill Bode.

This story is about how Bill spent the money his parents gave him to pay his tuition fees on what really made him happy and how his life changed after the death of his wife.

As for the collection, we can see at first glance how the primary colours (red, yellow, green and blue) and more neutral colours such as beige, navy blue and black dye part of the garments. We can also find very present the mix and match trend or mixture of prints and colours.

The multiple 60’s and 70’s prints with a certain vintage air or patchwork prints also play a leading role in this collection, as well as the tailored garments. Finally, we can’t forget the final details with which the garments are finished off, such as pearls.

What do you think of the collection? If there’s something you’ve already bought, just know that these pieces are available to buy on the brand’s website or at their flagship store in New York.