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The artist returns again after a time of reflection under the shadows. This break has served him to realize that music is not a decision but an instinct that makes you move and follow. From this moment of personal reunion is born “Estoy vivo”, the new drop of Bon Calso that saw the light last Thursday. With attractive rhythms the singer opens his soul to let us enter and connect to a higher level.

Bon Calso

Social networks can be overwhelming. The level of exposure we are subjected to can make us question whether our presence on them is truly necessary. Bon Calso made the decision to move away and make her passion more private and intimate. “I needed to take a break, appreciate everything more carefully and above all, ask myself if it was worthwhile to make everything, I’m doing public again,” the artist told us.

The neomacarist, as many people know him, also wondered if his relationship with music should end, but this art is in his blood and cannot be renounced.  Even where chaos reigns some find calm. “I can’t go more than a week without writing or producing something, it’s my way of disconnecting from everything”. Bon Calso was born for music as music was born for him, we can only celebrate this explosive and beautiful symbiosis at the same time.

The singer confesses to feeling grateful for all the support he has received during this silence. He also acknowledges that many were the messages that asked for more from the Bon Calso label. This interest and his personal and professional ambition drove him to return and make us share in his renewed desire and innate talent. “Estoy vivo” talks about love, not exactly from a romantic perspective but rather from a passion that cannot be locked up.

“I think I came so close to throwing everything away, that I no longer have anything to lose”

Produced & Directed by TATAMI

Directed by Alex Loredo

First assistant director Luis Rubiera

Stylist Carlos Guillen

Camera & editor Alex Loredo

Still photographer Luis Rubiera

Special thanks

Santiago Lopez

Rosana Rubiera

Antonio Cabeza

Carlos Tavares


Letra y Música: Bon Calso

Mezcla y Master: Alex Ferrer