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The star animated series, “The Simpsons” turns their stages into three-dimensional spaces. The website HomeAdvisor has designed the most famous corners with a vintage-chic style from the 70s inspired by Wes Anderson. Each space exudes charm and authentic magic.

Los Simpsons

The yellow family has been in our lives for 30 years. With 30 seasons and over 600 chapters, we would all be able to move around the Simpsons’ house as if it were our own. We enter, the hall with the stairs, on the left the living room, on the right the dining room and so on. And, although it would be risky, we dare to say that we can even evoke every object in every room.

Furthermore, the website has also tried to bring the nuclear power station where Homer works and Mr. Burns’ office closer to reality. Of course, Moe’s Bar, a classic, could not be missed. In short, a madness of decoration and design that has left us completely surprised.

The aesthetic chosen was taken from the film director, Wes Anderson. His films are characterised above all by their visual impact. The vintage-chic seventies scenarios built in pastel colours and saturated brushstrokes create an elegant and glamorous atmosphere. Retro decorative items enhance the excellence of the space. With these references, the city of Springfield and the Simpsons family home are transformed into dream places where everyone would like to live.

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