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The recently awarded CFDA Women’s Fashion Designer of the Year, Christopher John Rogers, was one of the last to present his colourful and loaded Pre-Fall 22 collection. 

With a collection of almost 50 looks, inspired by his youth in Baton Rouge and how he dressed as a child, John Rogers has once again shown why he has been categorised by fashion critics as one of the brightest designers of the moment, thanks in part to the bright colour palette he offers, the detailed Ken Scott and Celia Birtwen-like prints and the reimagining of American sportswear staples. But it is not only bright colours and eye-catching prints that characterise this last proposal, but also the multiple classic silhouettes (flapper, fringes, exaggerated 50’s haute couture, etc) that predominate in each of the pieces.

On the other hand and among the garments of the collection, we have to highlight a mackintosh made of transparent PVC with rainbow motifs, very instagrammable, a jumpsuit with bat sleeves, a multicoloured ball gown with rotating paint patterns, or others in shirt or balloon style.

Do you agree with the CFDA that Christopher John Rogers is one of the brightest and most interesting designers of the moment? We do.

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