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The most sophisticated firm in the H&M conglomerate of brands, launches a collection for “the gym and beyond“, as its website says. This is the first time Cos has launched a sports line that is environmentally friendly. The pieces are made from recycled materials like organic cotton, nylon or recycled polyester.

Last March, the London-based brand made available to its clients a range of products made from ecological denim. The truth is that sustainability is becoming a major claim to increase sales. In addition to washing the image of one of the most harmful industries to the planet. The reuse of materials has become a safe value in the new fashion.

The SS20 sports collection is designed without seams for complete comfort. The textile articles incorporate the innovative Seacell technology based on the use of marine algae fibres. This technique promises to become the super fabric for sportsmen because of its multiple properties. It maintains an optimal body temperature, protects the dermis and may even soothe muscle discomfort.

The product line is called Cos Active and includes clothing and accessories. All clothes are resistant and very durable, perfect for erosion caused by exercise. The collection features bras with quick-drying properties, highly absorbent T-shirts that help eliminate humidity. Leggings and shorts are very flexible and have a ribbed pattern for a perfect body fit.

Cos Active is available in neutral and plain colours, significant details of the brand. If you want to buy the sports products des is to know that they are exclusively in their online store. Prices range from 40 euros to 185 euros.