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The arrival of the British designer has changed the perception of a firm that, traditionally wasn’t in the front row of most demanded ones. After Daniel Lee’s incursion in the Italian house, all eyes are on what’s going on in the Kering-owned brand. All must-pieces in a BV fully renewed.


Almost anyone could expect the explosion of a “minor” brand like Bottega from one day to the other. There are few designers that generate such an impact on the company they take control of. After Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton and Kim Jones at Dior, it’s no crazy shit to say that Daniel Lee at Bottega Veneta is the biggest name in 2019.

The show held at Via Senato was a celebration of reworked classic pieces like geometrical trench coats or tailored suits with an oversized construction, versatile leather pieces going from anoraks to overalls and basketball shorts with a light appearance, knit garments with an architectural approach that allow to show some flesh, and the public’s favorite: The accessories section.

Pillow-like bags, the signature intrencciato pattern applied in sandals and sacs and futuristic eyewear to complete the collection. The revolution initiated by Daniel Lee at the Milan-based house is already blooming in the form of sold out creations at their online and brick-and-morter stores.

The ready-to-wear collection presented in Milan Fashion Week by BV is a chant dedicated to savvy designing and practical production with a clear intention of being necessary for all fashionistas out there.


Daniel Lee’s era has just began.