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As we enter the hottest season of the year, we are beginning to notice how new independent brands of fashion accessories are bursting onto the market with the aim of helping us to bear the high temperatures a little better, without losing the “swag” and “cool” touch that we like so much. This is precisely what the brand Cold Flowers Cartel achieves thanks to its first collection of bucket hats.

This new brand was born in Barcelona, fruit of the experience and ambition of its three co-founders, with the mission of maximising the truly important values, sharing moments and creating eternal memories. Specialised in this type of hats, they are made with premium, technologically advanced and disruptive materials and are characterised by their cotton base material, but also by their impeccable and original design line. Some of them are accompanied by the brand’s logo, which is a flower made of canvas, while others incorporate customised polyester cords and cargo pockets.

On the other hand, we can also appreciate how colour and tie dye prints are a fundamental part of the design of these CFC bucket hats, especially in the “Sinaloa” and “Cali” models, which perfectly reflect this. Finally, we have to highlight one of their star models, the “Ristop Nylon”, which acts as a waterproof barrier against water and wind.

What do you think of this new brand of bucket hats? We think it’s the best. Take a look at the gallery and if there’s one you like, just know that from today you can get your hands on one of them on the Cold Flowers Cartel website