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Perhaps the world of fashion is very difficult for some to understand, but it is not much more complex than social evolution or technological advance, in fact, the three go at the same pace and hand in hand.

As technologies progress and improve, society must adapt to this change to become part of it, and in turn, be able to create new ones and continue. Fashion simply follows the footsteps, but as time has progressed the conception and significance of fashion has been transformed.

Just a few decades ago fashion was used to differentiate groups, the way we dressed gave us the social need to belong to a community, a set identity, the pijos, punks, lo-life, rockers, hippies …

With time this visualization has changed, social fragmentation has caused fashion to find other escape points, other ways of manifesting itself.

Society craves to be freer and freer. The individual seeks to find his place in the world being independent, but being part of something much bigger than oneself, wants to express and shout “here I am”, new technologies and the integration of fashion in them, has given that support, that starting point to meet new needs that arise with the evolution of history.

Trends no longer serve to follow them, but have become tools to find our own identity, we no longer desperately seek to belong to any group, or follow the rules. We want to be independent and express who we are, not only with our acts and thoughts, but also with our presence, perhaps it may seem a superficial reasoning, but it is not, that is why we dress in one way or another, for this reason, which may seem so insignificant, we discard certain garments, certain colors … we identify with what we wear says who we are with a non-verbal language that can be perceived with the naked eye.

The way of dressing we choose, our personal fashion, does not need slogans, nor beautiful typographies, is understood by everyone, both for those who enjoy it, as for those who believe that they pass to give it importance.

Fashion goes much further and is complex in its superficiality.

The homogeneity of the past has been left behind, the novel and the influential, now, is the different, everything that breaks the rules and leaves the drawing, is everything that raises new ways of looking, thinking and creating.