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Designer María Simun, representative of the new generation, presents her new range of basics with Drop 1. A collection that remasterizes classic garments with that fresh and modern vision that characterizes her.

Drop 1

‘Drop 1’ by Simun Bascis

The young creative bets on total looks where the logo print covers the garments from beginning to end. Combinations of cycling tights and tops or jacket and trousers are presented in monochromatic tones with the word Simun all-over. Embroideries and textures are also outstanding, always in vivid and youthful colours.

With figures such as Rosalía, La Zowi and Bad Gyal in her portfolio of favs, María Simun demonstrates that her aesthetics make up the ideal wardrobe for the musical panorama of the new generation.

Photo: Alberto Van Sokkum
MUA: Fer Martínez