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The Berlin-based fashion brand founded by Serhat Isik and Benjamin A. Huseby, GmbH, has just presented its collaboration with fellow German outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin to celebrate the latter’s 40th anniversary.

Bringing fashion and sustainability together in a capsule and challenging the misconception that BIPOCs and immigrants don’t enjoy the outdoors, both brands have managed to capture each other’s respective essences in the same project, brilliant to say the least.

As we said, the collection perfectly reflects the essence of each brand, as we can see how Jack Wolfskin’s technologies are incorporated with the striking prints and the aesthetics of GmbH. Among the garments in this line, we have to highlight the technical jackets, parkas and zip-up trousers, without forgetting the pieces with the wolf emblem or the T-shirts and knitted garments. Our favourites? Without a doubt, the zip-up knitted jacket with wolf print and the safari-style stone-coloured total look.

Check out the gallery to see the GmbH and Jack Wolfskin collection in its entirety and if there’s something you like, just know that it’s on sale on their website from today.