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Jil Sander dedicated his last campaign for SS21 to feelings. In collaboration with different photographers, Lucie and Luke Meier reinterpret human values through different personalities who are the protagonists of the proposal. Thus, they have created a story that transcends the limits of fashion. 

Jil Sander reveals the second installment of his proposal for SS21 focusing on feelings. The theme of intimacy runs through the whole campaign. Thus, Lucie and Luke Meier invited different photographers with whom they had previously worked to achieve the purpose of the campaign.

“The result is a work full of harmony and photographic coherence, despite the disparate savoir faire of each professional. Lucie and Luke claim that this was just the purpose of the campaign. “What we like about this campaign-project is working collectively; with the authors, the protagonists of the pictures, and our team. Improvising around a given theme, as “touch”, “intimacy”, “friendship”, playing with individuals you feel akin to, you trust and understand.”


They added: “We are extremely happy that Shaniqwa Jarvis, Nigel Shafran, Drew Jarrett, and Bibi Borthwick -photographers-, together with Alek Wek, Vivien Solari, Saskia de Brauw, Lily McMenamy, Ottawa Kwami, Yuri Pleskun, and Leo Bhanji -models- accepted our invitation and once again handed over to us the authorship of a work which is essentially choral.”

If you want to know more details about the collection, go to Jil Sander’s website. Did you know that Jil Sander worked with Uniqlo again this fall?