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Marlo Studio (@mmarlostudio) is gradually consolidating its position as one of the most promising emerging labels on a national level. Its latest non-seasonal 2021-2022 proposal, called “Illusion”, is a convergence between the celestial and the human. Marcio Lopes and Zsolt Nagvati have devised a collection of gothic-futuristic patterns that have left no one indifferent.

The Madrid-based brand continues its advance in the fashion scene with “Illusion”; a very interesting living concept that maintains its identity of beauty, sexuality and freedom. Lopes and Nagváti, Marlo‘s creative directors, can be more than proud of their new collection because it is clear that they work knowing exactly what they want to express and how they should offer it.

In a universe of reflection, the label presents garments made of breathable, waterproof and water-repellent technical materials. Always under the certificate of sustainability. The dark aura surrounding the garments only enhances the interesting character of the 2021-2022 proposal. Futuristic and technological graphics on down jackets and sweatshirt and trouser sets complete the new from Marlo Studio.

Irregular structures, glossy finishes, touches of electric blue and gothic jewellery catch the eye of anyone who dares to look “Illusion” in the eye. If you want to see the video presentation, keep scrolling down.