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Sander Lak is the creative head of the colourful New York brand Sies Marjan (@siesmarjan), founded in 2016. But we could say that its story goes back much further, during Lak’s childhood in a house in the jungle of Gabon, in the middle of Africa.

Sander Lak | Sies Marjan

Sander Lak

The designer accompanied his parents all over the world, living in places as different as Malaysia, Scotland or Brunei. But it was in Gabon where he discovered the power of colour. Constantly surrounded by the immensity of the green jungle, his mother made a decision to quickly locate her family members: to make their clothes contrast powerfully with the vegetation. There, dressed in shades ranging from the brightest red to the vibrant blue, Sander fell in love with color.

From the influence of his childhood and this finding comes Sies Marjan, which owes its name to Lak’s father and mother, respectively. The creative process behind each garment is based on colour, starting with the search of it and then deciding on the cut and material. His collections experiment with multiple textures – ranging from silk to furry – and blend the most sophisticated cuts of style with the use of unnatural and subversive proportions. The palette of shades also changes according to the time of year and the intention of each of the collections, with black appearing in some of his latest works.

Seis Marjan RTW FW 2018 - NEW YORK

Despite the formal and discursive complexity of his proposal, Sies Marjan pursues a single objective: to create unique garments designed to be worn on the street and not just on a catwalk. Because if Sander Lak has something clear, it is to take his opportunity to transfer to people the power of color, which can make something disappear or stand out more strongly than ever.