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In a parallel reality where technology prevails, Singapore has taken a step forward in controlling social alienation in parks with its robotic mascot Spot. 

Spot, el perro robot de Singapur

This advanced technology being created with the help of Boston Dynamics, was enlisted to block the propagation of the Covid-19, applying the security measures that are required in these times. To test the robot’s effectiveness, the city-state released it into a centralized park last Friday, as part of that two-week trial period.

If Spot analyses any of the passers-by as not complying with the rules, it will say:

‘Let’s keep Singapore healthy. For your own safety and the safety of those around you, please keep at least one metre away. Thank you.

Similarly, the android will be able, by remote control, to estimate the number of people in the park, although it will not be allowed to track individuals or record their personal data. Thus, Singapore has taken this measure to reverse the unstoppable increase of Coronavirus cases in its locality, as it is one of the most affected regions in Southeast Asia.

But the best part of the story is that Spot, the police dog, is not the only one to monitor social distancing in public areas, as a robot in the shape of a small car is also being used at a nearby reservoir to warn visitors not to ‘loiter’ and that ‘meetings are not allowed’. Hopefully, with the progress of the phases in Spain it will not be necessary to have police robots.