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Instagram and Facebook delete abortion pill ads

Facebook and Instagram have begun removing posts offering abortion pills to women who may not have access to them.

Instagram Reels: new editing tools

Meta has introduced new creative tools for Instagram and Facebook aimed at creating, editing and scheduling Reels.

“Meta, Metamates, Me”, the new way of addressing in Meta

Employees of the company, formerly Facebook, will now have to refer to themselves as “Meta, Metamates, Me”.

Mark Zuckerberg’s goal threatens to shut down Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg is threatening to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if he is not allowed to transfer his European users’ data.

It may soon be possible to create NFTs for Instagram and Facebook

Meta, in its move towards an even more digital world, is working on the creation and sale of NFTs for Meta and Instagram.

Pull&Bear collaborates again with Facebook and Instagram through the mini game ‘Xmas in Hawaii’

Pull&Bear has the support of Facebook Creative Shop and La Frontera VR to create ‘Xmas in Hawaii’, a fun Christmas game.

Meta is getting closer and closer to get the gloves that will make you feel the objects of the metaverse in reality

Meta brings to light its progress in the development of haptic gloves for virtual reality. One more step towards a reality that has been 7 years in the making.

Will the metaverse be the future of social connection?

Zuckerberg’s metaverse orbits at the centre of the global conversation. But really, what is it and what is behind Meta?

Mark Zuckerberg: “Meta” is already registered

Facebook’s name change to Meta may not be as straightforward as Mark Zuckerberg had hoped. Find out all the details.

Why did Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook fall?

Mark Zuckerberg will remember 4 October 2021 as the worst day of his life because of the crash of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Ray-Ban and Facebook’s smart glasses

The eyewear brand and Facebook are teaming up to create their first pair of smart glasses called Ray-Ban Stories.