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Sita Lilith Aleph

ALEPH: Magic Realism in the new collection of Lilith by Sita

ALEPH is Sita Abellan’s new collection for Lilith S/S 2020. Inspired by celestial objects, with magical realism as a backdrop, the connection between the real world and fantasy…

Some of the greatest performance artists under the same title

Compiled by Rose Lee Goldberg, the book offers a comprehensive study of the most innovative performance artists living and working today.

We talk W/ Virgen María about her first EP

Virgen María is here to bless us once again. This time she is doing it to present her first EP in European exclusivity. She will do it in Valle Eléctrico tomorrow, October 4th.

Kito Muñoz | Shots of love, art and eroticism

Kito Muñoz is part of the Madrid neo-movida that is shaking the country, which is generating a new visual, artistic and transgressive impact in the last years of ultradigital life.

Chromosome Residence | Experimental Fashion

Chromosome Residence is like a drug that alters consciousness. That plays subversion through surrealist art, asymmetries and orthopedic workwear.

Inside Filip Custic’s world

Filip Custic is the outsider artist who transports us to a weightless world of objects, hyperrealism, visual games and optical balances. We present the Dalí of the post-Instagram era.