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In honour of the UK’s frontline heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, British Vogue magazine has decided to honour three essential workers on the July 2020 cover and they are all women.

The three workers representing the large number of people who were on the front line are: train driver Narguis Horsford, midwife Rachel Millar and supermarket assistant Anisa Omar, all of whom have been photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth.

“I am no hero, but I’m proud of being a train driver and the essential role we are playing during the coronavirus crisis. Our services are vitally important to keep London moving throughout these unprecedented times and maintaining safety,”, dice Horsford.

Millar, express her love for her work. However, she shares that one of the hardest moments for her during the pandemic was when her bicycle was stolen because, as a midwife in East London, travelling on two wheels was essential, especially when desperately avoiding public transport due to the nature of her job.

Finally, Anisa Omar admits that being at work puts her at risk, “but it’s worth it because you’re helping people,” she adds.

In addition to these three women, the next issue also highlights the work of “a host of other key and inspiring workers, from NHS staff to shopkeepers, teachers and postal workers”.