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You know that we are passionate about post-Soviet aesthetics and everything that inspires 90s and rave. One of the brands that has caught our attention in recent weeks has been the Russian Volchok (@volchokclothing). A brand that perfectly meets the above requirements and will delight lovers of movement.

VOLCHOK "Replica" | SS18

They have just presented their SS18 collection under the title “Replica”, a proposal in which they collaborate with three Russian artists who impregnate their art in the pieces of the collection creating an incredible art-fashion connection. Those responsible for the art are: Nicholas KoshkoshYaroslav Putyata and Dima Melancholic.

The creative process has been very interesting, each artist was given a “blank canvas”. They were able to choose the garments they liked best, made from canvas material and gave them to them to work on. The garments resulting from the intervention later became the garments in the collection through “replicas” of the canvas ones, thus connecting the whole concept.

“We tried to blur the line between creating a fashionable element and an art element.”


VOLCHOK  | SS18 > Lookbook

The collection is now available through its Russian stores, you can get more information on how to get some of the replicas through their website.