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There is little left of this crazy year, but before we celebrate its end we must add one more crazy thing. Can you imagine a cat as a regional vice minister in Russia? In 2020 everything is possible.  

A few days ago, an employee of a recycling plant in Russia saved a kitten that was about to be crushed. The operator who opened the bag and found him was surprised to see that he was alive and had no physical damage. A real Christmas miracle.

The Ministry of the Environment of the Ulyanovsk region adopted the cat and it has now become the deputy environment minister of this region of Russia. One of the workers of the ministry has clarified that the animal will live in the ministry and be taken care of by all. 

Such is the sensation that this cat has generated in the country that even a national contest has been carried out to put a name to it. As I said, everything is possible in 2020.