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Belgian designer and member of the prestigious and legendary group “The Antwerp 6”, Ann Demeulemeester, has returned to the fashion industry scene with her husband Patrick Robyn, to collaborate with the brand she founded and subsequently sold in 2013. But what was the reason behind the couple’s return to fashion business? Read more…

This reason we are referring to has to do with nothing more and nothing less than the restoration of her flagship shop in the city of Antwerp by her husband, who gave the opportunity to the current owner of the brand, Claudio Antonioli. But it is not only for this reason that Demeulemeester has returned to fashion, but also, as Antonioli has confirmed and announced, Ann will take up the position of creative consultant for the brand she founded, for the next few years, with the aim of continuing to enrich the brand’s DNA in new areas and different ways.

On the other hand, her husband Patrick will be in charge of boutique design, while her son Victor will be in charge of graphic design and the digital part of the brand. In addition, Ann Demeulemeester’s production will soon be expanded, with a “deco” line specialising in tableware and lamps, furniture and perfumes, which will be available in the new Antwerp shop and later in other boutiques, such as those in Milan and Paris.

It seems that the revival of the Belgian fashion house is just around the corner. We’ll have to wait and see what and how the brand surprises us when it returns to the runways at Paris fashion week.