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London-based Clothsurgeon, which specialises in reconstructing garments and bringing together sporty style and Savile Row tailoring, has unveiled its latest project. Can you guess which one? We’ll just tell you that it has a lot to do with Burberry‘s legendary scarves.

Founded in 2012 by designer Rav Matharu and from the moment of its creation, this brand has always been characterised by perfectly reinterpreting the modern style that leads the streets of the United Kingdom.  In addition to that, Clothsurgeon is characterised by nothing more and nothing less than the manufacture of garments with vintage or disused materials.

This latest project we are going to tell you about today has a lot to do with what we have just said, as Clothsurgeon has presented a small capsule made up of two pieces: a round-necked waistcoat and a slightly fitted coat. These two garments in question are made with none other than Burberry’s traditional scarves, creating a patchwork with the brand’s legendary print.

If you’ve also been surprised by this little capsule from Clothsurgeon, you can get your hands on one of these two pieces today via their website.