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To be honest, the answer is no, although it’s not an outright denial. Despite the fashion industry’s late response to George Floyd, its social influence has served to elevate the message of “no to racism. In a few days we will celebrate the LGTBIQA+ Pride day. The big firms have supported these groups for several years by providing them with greater visibility. Therefore, the sector will not bring peace in the world, but it is a very significant dissemination channel for social problems.

Moda BLM

Fashion is not the Great Samaritan. We are all aware that Black Lives Matter or Pride are an attraction to create collections in which the big houses have made a profit despite the percentage donated. Feminism has not been exempt from this trend. T-shirts with activist phrases have triumphed a thousand times. In spite of its own interest, fashion has put a real problem on the catwalk; creating a necessary debate.

Moda Burberry

If the creators of the “Back to the Future” trilogy had been able to travel forward in time they would have been disappointed. In 2020 we are still trying to solve problems of racism, inequality, homophobia or xenophobia among others. And all this without floating skates. This whole scenario may be devastating, but there is always light at the end of the road.

In the city of Juarez in Mexico, fashion has brought peace of mind and a safe place for victims of gender violence. Last year, nearly 1,500 women were murdered. The percentage is so high because of the limited power of independence within their reach. This prevents an escape from the abusive situation of their partners. To stop this propensity Ni En More has been created. This name combines words in Spanish, Norwegian and English that take the activist phrase “Not One More” as a reference.

Ni En More

Members of a local Juarez community started this project that fuses political activism, fashion and art. It has begun in a small sewing workshop that offers security, education and a fair income to shelter all women in need. Visual artist Janette Terrazas is one of the founders and expresses how beautiful it is to feel that everyone considers Ni En More a refuge and an opportunity to improve their lives.

Moda social

The garments created by the brand are careful with the environment, the dyes are organic and of an ecological nature. Ni En More also does not look away from the truth of fashion. For it is the second industry in pollution. Its business model aims to address these social problems through a dignified, fair and sustainable system that can achieve women’s freedom.

If there is reciprocal help from all sides, the answer to the question posed may be different.